LEXAPRO (Escitalopram) Reviews

Canadian, 44, Toronto

From my experience I can say that Lexapro is a good drug. It removes anxiety, signs of social apprehension. I've got more initiative. Now it's easier for me to take up work which I refused earlier. There were almost no side effects, a couple of days I had head ache. Lexapro worked good for me, although before I tried another drug that did not fit me.

Nevertheless, I don't recommend taking self-medication, you need to consult a specialist before ordering Lexapro online. However it's much cheaper to buy drugs from online pharmacies. And it's quite convenient also.

As I wrote the drug removed anxiety, but now after taking it for about 8 months I feel some apathy. I read in different articles this can happen in the treatment of SSRI group antidepressants. As for now I've got it in tolerant form, I continue the treatment.

US, 23, Virginia

I've been treating the psyche for several years, and at the moment Lexapro is the best drug I was prescribed. I started with small doses. Slowly I shifted to the whole 10 mg tab. I've already used several packs of Lexapro, I take one pill in the morning.

What I expected from antidepressant:
- mood improvement;
- anxiety lowering;
- tremors elimination;
- cognitive functions improvement, ability to communicate.

What I got:
I felt the result in few weeks after starting the course (Lexapro doesn't work immediately, accumulation of the active ingredient Escitalopram should occur). I began to think less about bad things, from the pessimism I shifted to the optimism. Now it's possible for me to go out into the street on my own. I don't fixate on failures. I overcame my bad mood and passed session exams. Of course, there were tears and emotions. Lexapro doesn't remove head and hands tremor completely. Previously, I couldn't go with the flow, I got locked in my problems, and created difficulties for myself. Now it is not difficult for me to join the crowd, to consider myself as a part of the crowd. I can do things that I could not stand earlier (for example, to get up early in the morning and to take public transport).

Side effects:
In the first week of the treatment there was an intestinal disorder. Throughout the treatment I began to wake up in the mornings and fall asleep early at night (but this is more likely a good effect). My appetite and weight have slightly decreased, although this can not be associated with tablets. Libido has not decreased.

I'm not sure that this antidepressant will cure serious conditions. And I think my success is temporary, as all the symptoms come back after considerable stress. So it's better to combine medical treatment with psychotherapy.

Mark, 39, UK

I bought Lexapro online for a year. I stop taking it gradually reducing a dose. I divided 20 mg tablet into two parts first (for several weeks), then into four parts (for several weeks till I ran out of the medicine). After the cancellation there were some flashes in my head for few days, it was not big problem. Next week I spent in a depressed state crying once in a while.

About five months have passed after I terminated taking Lexapro. The most surprising thing is that I began to appreciate the real effect of this AD only after cancellation of the treatment. I realized that I was happy while I was on treatment. I wasn't depressed, anxiety was decreased significantly, tremor almost disappeared. I cannot say same things about other ADs I've tried.

Mary, 36, NY

Lexapro in my opinion is the softest antidepressant. The only side effect I had was a headache for 2-3 days. It increases and normalizes serotonin level in the brain, mood gets enhanced, and anxiety shade away. Dosage is usually selected smoothly, for example, I started with 2.5 mg (a quarter of 10 mg tablet). Typically, doctors recommend to take antidepressants at least 6 months. And to continue the treatment course half a year after the improving of the patient's condition.